Bank Levy

The IRS has issued a levy against your personal and business bank account.

  • A Bank levy will freeze all of the available funds for 21 days from the date that the levy is served.
  • The Bank will only grant the frozen funds to be released once the bank has received the release of the levy from the IRS.
  • If the levy is attached to a personal account, the taxpayer will be unable to pay their necessary bills, rent/mortgage, and can face other financial hardships.
  • If the levy is attached to a business account, the business will be unable to meet its current payroll, pay business bills, and it can even lead to the loss of vendors and business.
  • A Bank levy is not a one-time levy. If the taxpayer has not resolved the unpaid balance, the IRS will continue to issue levies including: wage levies, social security levies, and they often assign a Revenue Officer (collection officer) to your account.
  • A Bank levy can result in a balance being in overdraft and can charge additional fees to your account.


  • Our tax team will contact the IRS Immediately for a complete summary of your account.
  • We will get you in compliance with your missing tax return(s), and we will prepare the necessary financial documents, within the allotted time frame.
  • We will present the hardship you are currently facing including unpaid bills, payroll, and we will fight for the release of your bank account.
  • We will prevent future collections, and any/all future levies on your account until you have reached a resolution with the IRS.

It is very important that you call us as soon as you find out there has been a levy placed on your bank account. The 21 days starts ticking from the date that the levy is served. During the 21 day freeze you will be allowed access to your accounts at any time, except for the date that the levy was served. It is extremely important that you find out when the levy was issued and the date the bank will remit funds to the IRS.
If your levy is a state levy, please call immediately. All states have different rules regarding the release of levies. Our tax team will work with the state to reach a resolution. Our team will be on your side to get this resolved for you in a timely manner.

Fast and Easy 4 Step Tax Resolution

Step 1

IRS Tax Investigation Inspect Your IRS Data

Step 2

IRS Account Transcripts Request from IRS

Step 3

Analyze Transcripts and Current Financial Data

Final Step - Plan of Recommendation

IRS Tax Relief - Fast and Easy

The Tax Relief Attorneys will get you started on the fast track to tax debt relief fast and easy. Our 4 step process is the quickest and easiest process to get you going. Tax Investigation, find out how much you owe and determine missing years of unfilled tax returns. IRS transcripts, order a full report from the Internal Revenue Service their account of your tax situation along with total tax debt. Analyze Transcripts and Current Financial Data, find out just what your current financial situation is and how we can help you pay pennies on the dollar towards your tax resolution. We then do a Plan of Recommendation of which we setup a offer in compromise with the IRS to settle your tax debt for good with the Internal Revenue Service.

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