Delinquent Tax Returns

Delinquent Tax Returns

You have not filed tax returns. The IRS has filed tax returns on your behalf.

  • The IRS has filed a Substitute For Return (SFR) for your missing years of Tax Returns.
  • The return is filed without exemptions, credits and deductions that you may be entitled to.
  • Once the SFR is filed, the IRS considers the returns filed, and the balance due is now collectible.
  • If the balance becomes collectible, the IRS may enforce a strict collection action on the account including bank levies, garnishments, and filing of a federal tax lien.


  • Our tax team will contact the IRS immediately for a collection hold on the account, to file any missing tax returns, and to file over the SFR years.
  • We will order all of the necessary income data to ensure a return(s) is filed correctly.
  • The filing of the SFR will most likely result in lowering of the balance that is due on the account.
  • The filing of all the missing tax returns may result in penalties to accrue on your account such as: a failure to file penalty.
  • It will prevent the state’s ability to assess a balance due on your account based on the IRS assessments.

Our tax team will file all of the necessary tax returns for you. If you are self-employed, it is best that you file your tax return so that the Social Security Administration has a reportable income for you, to calculate the social security benefits on your behalf. The filing of all the tax returns will also help you with other financial obligations such as: submitting returns for federal student aid, home loans, and business loans.
Most taxpayers with unpaid tax debt have un-filed tax returns with the IRS, and other state authorities. The IRS has the right to file a tax return if the taxpayer does not file a return. This is called the Substitute For Return (SFR), this is filed with the highest tax rates given, the least amount of deductions, and credits then resulting in the higher tax liability. It is best, and the right of the taxpayer, to file over the SFR tax returns with the correct tax assessment or a refund on the tax return.

Fast and Easy 4 Step Tax Resolution

Step 1

IRS Tax Investigation Inspect Your IRS Data

Step 2

IRS Account Transcripts Request from IRS

Step 3

Analyze Transcripts and Current Financial Data

Final Step - Plan of Recommendation

IRS Tax Relief - Fast and Easy

The Tax Relief Attorneys will get you started on the fast track to tax debt relief fast and easy. Our 4 step process is the quickest and easiest process to get you going. Tax Investigation, find out how much you owe and determine missing years of unfilled tax returns. IRS transcripts, order a full report from the Internal Revenue Service their account of your tax situation along with total tax debt. Analyze Transcripts and Current Financial Data, find out just what your current financial situation is and how we can help you pay pennies on the dollar towards your tax resolution. We then do a Plan of Recommendation of which we setup a offer in compromise with the IRS to settle your tax debt for good with the Internal Revenue Service.

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Get started today and get that monkey off your back today. We are Tax Experts we understand the burden that a IRS tax debt can have on you. We want the process to be fast and painless for you. We understand the stress that having a wage garnishment or tax levy can have. You can start today and have the wage garnishment or tax levy lifted today and get on with your life on the fast track to tax relief. Tax debt owing the IRS and or the State can make your life a nightmare. We are here to help and get you started and on your way to stress free life without tax debt. Call today and get started today it will be the best call you ever made and get that monkey off your back and head to a stress free life again. So call now we are fast and very affordable for every circumstance.

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