Offer In Compromise

Offer In Compromise

You want to submit an Offer In Compromise

  • An Offer In Compromise (OIC) is a settlement between the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and an individual taxpayer to settle unpaid tax debt. There is no such thing as a “SLAM DUNK OIC”. An OIC is an extensive financial analysis process to ensure that the taxpayer qualifies for an OIC. In order to qualify, you must demonstrate that you are unable to pay the amount due on the tax obligation currently . Once this has been determined, the OIC can be filed under the following three requirements:

    • Doubt as to Collectibility
    • Doubt as to Liability
    • Effective Tax Administration

      The IRS may file tax liens anytime the OIC is reviewed by the IRS.


  • Our tax team will contact the IRS for a complete summary of your account.
  • Until the OIC is completed we will place all collections on your account on hold .
  • Our tax team will instruct you on how to complete all of the missing tax returns. The OIC can only be submitted once all of the missing tax returns have been filed.
  • If you are self-employed, you must be in compliance with your Estimated Tax Deposit (ETD) payments.
  • Our tax team will prepare an extensive financial analysis to determine if you are a candidate for an OIC.


  • Once the OIC is accepted, you will be relieved of all unpaid tax debt.
  • If there are any tax liens on your account the IRS will release them.
  • You will have to file your taxes and pay any amounts by the due date of the return.
  • The IRS may keep the refunds for the year the OIC was accepted.

Please call us today to find out if you qualify for a settlement. The OIC is a time consuming and extensive process with the IRS. It may take about 6-9 months for an acceptance of the OIC. In the event that an individual is not a good candidate for an OIC, our tax team will review alternative resolution options on your account to determine the best way to resolve the situation with the IRS.
Our tax team also prepares State Offers. Not all states have a settlement program available, but our team will work with each state on its merits. We will be in your corner fighting for you.

Fast and Easy 4 Step Tax Resolution

Step 1

IRS Tax Investigation Inspect Your IRS Data

Step 2

IRS Account Transcripts Request from IRS

Step 3

Analyze Transcripts and Current Financial Data

Final Step - Plan of Recommendation

IRS Tax Relief - Fast and Easy

The Tax Relief Attorneys will get you started on the fast track to tax debt relief fast and easy. Our 4 step process is the quickest and easiest process to get you going. Tax Investigation, find out how much you owe and determine missing years of unfilled tax returns. IRS transcripts, order a full report from the Internal Revenue Service their account of your tax situation along with total tax debt. Analyze Transcripts and Current Financial Data, find out just what your current financial situation is and how we can help you pay pennies on the dollar towards your tax resolution. We then do a Plan of Recommendation of which we setup a offer in compromise with the IRS to settle your tax debt for good with the Internal Revenue Service.

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